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We have a choice of types and quality 13 amp Plugs, 

White Single & Double SP (single pole) Switch Sockets with either rounded or square edging; either 1 Gang or 2 Gang.

White Single & Double Gang Pattresses; Surface mounted and recessed., from depths of 16mm, 28mm & 43mm 

Metal Single & Double Gang knockout back boxes

1 and 2 (Double) Gang Rubber Sockets White

45A DP (Double Pole) Cooker Control Unit + Neon lamp

45A Cooker Panel with 15 amp socket

FCU 13A Switch  with Neon

Straight and Angled Batten Ceiling Lamp Holders

Safety Lampholder with short skirt

6" Ceiling Pendant Set

10 AX 2W Ceiling Pull Switch

50 amp D.P. A.C. only Ceiling switch with Neon Mechanical Indicator 

A choice of Grey Twin & Earth cable; ranging from 1mm sq; 1.5mm sq; 2.5mm sq; 6mm sq & 10mm sq for higher load carrying needs.

We also have white twin and earth cable for exposed lighting needs

Two and Four Socket Extension with plugs and with 2 and 4 metre cables

Cable Reels with 2 to four sockets on lengths from 10 to 50 metres, some with safety cut-outs

Our range of LED light bulbs includes traditional bayonet, Edison screw and small Edison screw fittings from 6 watt and 15 watt; equivalant to the coil rated 40 watt and 100 watt respectively.

We stock 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft Fluorescent Tubes.

Insulation tape 20metres x 19mm wide.

      In various colours; black, white, grey, brown, yellow, blue & yellow & green

Cable Ties; the following sizes in Black.

      4.8mm wide x 370mm long

      4.8mm wide x 300mm long

      4.8mm wide x 250mm long

      4.8mm wide x 200mm long

      3.6mm wide x 140mm long

      2.5mm wide x 100mm long

More details coming Soon...

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