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Screws and Fixings

we stock 1000’s of different sizes of screws and fixings from 4 x 1/2" right up to 12 x 6" in zinc plated, Twin cut passivated screws, Dry wall screws, Brass screws and black japanned screws. We stock various anchor fixings and roofing bolts and fixings loose, plus bagged and loose nails Galvanized and wire, staples and clouts. 

working on site and and need fixings call or email us and we will assist with any thing you need

zinc screws.jpg

Twin-Threaded- Double countersunk

A traditional twin-thread wood screw with single lead start for a fast installation. Mainly used in soft timber applications or masonry with a plastic plug. Partially threaded from 1 1/4".

sizes stock from 1/2" x 4 to 4" x 12 gauge sold in boxes or By 10's

advanced wood screws.jpg

C2 Multi-purpose Advanced Screw - Double countersunk 

Using the most modern manufacturing methods and design techniques, the C2 is a revolutionary high performance multi-purpose screw. Designed to give ultimate performance in a multitude of materials, the patented twin-cut point gives a consistent and rapid pick-up and reduces timber splitting. These unique features coupled with a synthetic lubrication and dual angle thread results in 52% less insertion torque and 43% quicker insertion time. NOTE: Partially threaded from 80mm.

Sizes stocked from 3.5 x 20mm to 6.0 x 180mm sold by the box

dry wall screw.jpg

Drywall screw fine thread - black

Used to secure plasterboard to wall/ceiling track systems with a max of 0.6mm thickness. NOTE: Partially threaded from 60mm.

sizes stocked from 3.5 x 25mm to 4.8 x 100mm sold in boxes of 200 0r 1000

decking screws.jpg

Solo Decking Screw - Exterior 

An economic but highly effective softwood decking screw. Plated to withstand up to 500hrs in a salt spray cabinet and designed to give a rapid installation and a secure fixing.

Sizes stocked from 4.5 x 50mm to 4.5 x 70mm sold in boxes 

screw general.jpg

more fixings details coming soon...

Brass screws, black jappaned screws, chromes screws, machine screws, roofing bolts, carraige bolts, hex head bolts, threaded rod, washers, multi fix anchors, shield anchors, frame fixings, plaster board fixings, clout nails, cut nails, spring head nails, twist nails, copper nails, bright nails, galvinized nails, copper nails, panel pins and so much more held in stock

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